Introducing the Productivity Portal

The Productivity Portal is the brainchild of Donna Hanson, Technology Strategist, Speaker and Trainer.

Designed to support users of Microsoft Office programs, beyond hands on training, the Productivity Portal is the ‘Go To’ location for help with tools, tips and techniques that are relevant to YOUR every day work and don’t waste your time.

Sure you can go to Google, but the challenge there is finding the right thing at the right time to suit your needs.

In the Productivity Portal, we bring that information together and are constantly adding to the range of videos and PDF’s available for you to access.


We recognise that whilst every subscriber has the best of intentions regarding regularly using the Portal, reality is, like a magazine subscription, unless we are reminded of it regularly, we forget about it until the time comes to renew.

To make sure you get more than your money’s worth each year, we will send you regular email newsletters* highlighting Tips, Tools and Topics along with answering subscribers “How To” questions.

All this is designed to help YOU increase your productivity and reduce risk and stress associated with using Microsoft Office products.


If you have any feedback or need assistance, please let us know.

Our purpose is to make your life easier.



All images courtesy of Shutterstock Inc

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